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Die Vertriebslehrstunde aus Afrika oder: Lessons from the Waterhole

Liebe Leser, dear readers,

da sich meine Kunden in einem internationalen Umfeld bewegen und ich auch für sie meist auf Englisch Blogposts und Artikel erstelle, und mit ihren potentiellen Geschäftspartner auf Englisch kommuniziere, kommt hier eine Parabel über die Vorteile des strategischen Denkens – in Englisch.

As many of my customers are active in international environments, I typically do business development and write blogposts for them in English, the international business language. Here is a nice story about the benefits of  strategic thinking.

The Waterhole Story

Once upon a time, deep in the heart of Africa, there was a water hole nestled in the wilderness. It was a place where animals of all shapes and sizes would gather, seeking refuge from the scorching sun and quenching their thirst. It was a natural hub, a place where everyone could come to get what they needed and wanted.

One day, a smart hunter arrived at the scene. Unlike the other hunters who would go out and chase after their prey, he waited patiently at the water hole. He knew that all the animals would come there eventually, and he could pick his target from the safety of his hiding spot.

As he watched from his vantage point, he noticed something interesting. The animals that were successful at getting what they needed and wanted were the ones that came prepared. The antelope with the keenest sense of hearing, the buffalo with the sharpest horns, the lion with the most cunning strategy.

This got the smart hunter thinking. He realized that the key to successful hunting was not just about being in the right place at the right time, but also about being prepared with the right tools and knowledge.

What we can learn for our LinkedIn profile

Fast forward to the modern day, and the analogy to hunting for customers is clear. You don’t want to just blindly send out emails to a contact database, or make cold calls to potential clients. You want to be like the smart hunter at the water hole, waiting for your customers to come to you.

Also, imagine your LinkedIn profile as a digital waterhole. Just like the natural waterhole in the wilderness, your profile is a hub where people come to seek what they need and want. By having a complete and well-crafted LinkedIn profile, you can be the smart hunter waiting for your potential clients to arrive.

A complete LinkedIn profile is like having all the right tools and knowledge to succeed. It shows that you are a professional who takes your work seriously and is committed to presenting yourself in the best possible way. Just like the animals at the waterhole who were successful in getting what they needed, potential clients visiting your LinkedIn profile will be more likely to trust you and your business if they see that you are an expert in your field.

Regularly posting new and relevant content on your LinkedIn profile is like laying a trail of breadcrumbs leading potential clients straight to you. It shows that you are active and engaged in your industry, and are willing to share your expertise with others. This can help build your reputation as a trustworthy business with a deep understanding of your field.

By being well-connected on LinkedIn, you can be like the lion with the most cunning strategy. A strong network of connections and endorsements shows that you are respected and valued in your industry, and have the backing of your peers. This can go a long way in building trust and credibility with potential clients.

Build your LinkedIn waterhole

just as the smart hunter in the wilderness knew that waiting patiently at the waterhole was the key to successful hunting, building a strong and complete LinkedIn profile can be the key to attracting potential clients to your business. By having a complete profile, posting regular updates, and building a strong network of connections, you can be confident that visitors to your profile will see you as an expert, have confidence in your business, and trust that you have the right information to help them succeed.

So take a lesson from the smart hunter in the wilderness, and start building your own pool of relevant information. With the right preparation, you’ll be able to attract customers like bees to honey and build a thriving business.

Would you like to discuss a strategy for your success on Linkedin and in your business? Pick a time that suits you and we can discuss your very own waterhole strategy.

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